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Intellectual Property and Market Assessment

PAIVA & CIA has been certified by the Government (CORFO INNOVA) as an authorized professional firm in the registry of entities authorized to provide Market and Intellectual Property Assessment reports, necessary to apply to Corfo subsidies.

PAIVA & CIA - Intellecta has also extensive experience in supporting innovation and intellectual property, trademarks and patents, and has established a network of contacts for Market and IP Assessment services in collaboration with US-based CEO SERVICES LLC and other professional entities abroad.

Market and IP Assessment services provide an evaluation of the potential market for the technology and the opportunities for intellectual property, the first tool to evaluate the potential success of any new technology.

Subsidies granted by Government (Corfo Innova) require the assessments within the context of their "APPLIED R&D PROJECT", "IP ASSESSMENT AND PROTECTION" and "R&D PACKAGING AND TRANSFER" processes. IP and market assessment are also required for people or corporations applying to Research & Development subsidies.

Our firm has properly demonstrated Corfo its wide experience in the preparation of reports, expert methodology, local and foreign collaboration networks, search tools and access to market information that allows us to perform analysis considering actual market behavior and conditions.