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Corporate Services

Perhaps creativity and innovation are among the scarcest and most valuable organizational assets. Development of new products, creation and use of trademarks, new ways to carry out manufacturing processes and in general any product or idea that can be developed and validated not only needs inventive but also financial resources and usually years of research, R&D and/or marketing activities.

Registering a trademark or a domain name or patenting an invention is not enough to protect your assets. An adequate search, continuous follow up and a proactive and vigilant position on your intellectual property, as one of your assets, that can make a difference in your area and against your competitors, and can lead to important competitive advantages.

To have a strategy to protect intellectual property is vital for the development of a company. It is a need and an investment at the same time, since it ensures protection to those assets, ownership and exclusivity and then profitability in time.

PAIVA & CIA - Intellecta also assists companies with a portfolios and intellectual property assets, carrying out strategies for optimization, strengthening and internationalization of them. Thought our network of collaborators abroad we provide to our clients with international coverage and services in line with the challenges of an increasingly globalized world.

Our clients are Chilean and foreign companies in every industry and services area, inventors, creators and entrepreneurs, local and foreigners, public and private entities, governmental entities, no profit organizations, universities and industry associations.