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Our Firm

More than 20 Years of experience

In 1997, lawyer Gabriela Paiva Hantke founded PAIVA & CIA - Intellecta, a law firm and consultant services focused on providing expert services for the registration and protection of trademarks, patents, models, designs, denomination of origin, plant varieties, domain names, copyrights, license and confidentiality agreements, arbitration and litigation, business models, commercial agreements, training and legal support for entrepreneurs and innovators, market and intellectual property assessment both in Chile and abroad through our international networks.

PAIVA & CIA - Intellecta provides professional services committed to excellence by designing and implementing strategies to obtain optimal protection for your ideas, creations and innovations. We are professionals working closely with you to identify and obtain all protection measures you request.

Paiva & CIA - Intellecta is certified by Corfo (Chilean Economic Development Agency) as a registered agent to provide Market and IP Assessment services and Patent Studies. Our study was previously certified under the ISO 9001 standard.

We are also members of several important organizations working with intellectual property, both locally and abroad.

Our Services :

  • Trademark search and patents and patentability reports.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Renewal of trademarks and watch services.
  • Patent registration, designs and utility models registrations.
  • Plant variety registration.
  • International patent applications (PCT).
  • Trademark Defense and oppositions.
  • Registration and renewal of domain names.
  • Registration and renewal of domain names.
  • Trademark assignments and registrations up date and modifications.
  • Registration and development of denomination of origin, geographical indications and seal of origin.
  • Contracts, licensing, confidentiality agreements and legal advice.
  • Litigations, civil or criminal actions.
  • Border and customs measures.
  • Registration and defense procedures abroad through our professional supporting network.
  • Legal support to start businesses: corporate incorporation and modifications, tax, visas and other services necessary to initiate a new business or innovation project.
  • Guidance and legal support to initiate a business in the United States or legal needs through our associate firm.
  • Business models and commercial contacts for entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Due diligence and audit of intellectual property, trademarks, patents and other assets.
  • Market and IP Assessment.