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Advising Entrepreneurs and Inventors

PAIVA & CIA - Intellecta guides, assists and supports entrepreneurs throughout all legal negotiations to start a business, including incorporation and modification of partnerships and corporations, intellectual property protection, assessment, trademarks and patents registration, among others.

After an evaluation of intellectual property protection needs, we offer a proposal for protection and registration of trademarks and other distinctive protectable elements, such as slogans, labels and designs.

If the business model is based on new technology, software, new manufacturing processes or new products, we will evaluate which type of protection, such as patents, trademarks or other forms will be recommended considering the investment stage and availability of resources.

PAIVA & CIA - Intellecta is a member of the Business Women Association (ME) and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile (ASECH), member of the Club of Inventors and Director of the Inventors Association. Please review our list of benefits for members of such associations.